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About Me

In my career as an embedded software development manager, I had the priviledge of working with many capable developers.  They were good, that is they did their jobs efficiently and got the product out the door.

It’s just that every so often, a rather difficult bug would crop up and the resolution of that bug would defeat most, but not all of them.  There was always one developer who was able to solve in an afternoon what had defeated others even after weeks of effort.

Why was one individual able to solve these difficult bugs while others failed?  What was different about these individuals?  What did they know that others did not, and how did they acquire that knowledge?

The subject of expertise has been an interest of mine for more than ten years.  I have spoken about acquiring software development expertise at the Embedded Systems Conferences in Boston and San Jose, the local university and at companies in the Calgary area.

This blog will explore the subject of expertise and suggest strategies as to how we all can climb the heights to superlative achievement.

My background includes work on the Land Command Support System (LCSS) communications suite for the Canadian Army, the Improved Landmine Detection System, commercial flight data display systems, and Naval air and submarine defence systems.

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